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Fanny Fancy is detachable
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Fanny Fancy Back
Enslaved Body Armor®: $599.95
Nipplace® , Clit Attachment and Fanny Fancy
Comes with accenting pierced earrings. 
TZBA6146 - Enslaved Body Armor - Very heavy slave bell Nipplace with very large 12 mm slave bells. Each bell has a clacker which makes noise with movement.
This makes lots of noise!
Necklace measures 13 inches with 3 inch extension chain with a 6mm slave bell end.
Nipple chains are made with 6mm slave bells and can be removed from the necklace.
Fanny Fancy can detach from the from the clit chain and can be worn alone. There are 6 very large slave bells in front and the back has 6 more matching large bells. There are side chains so that you can adjust it to fit around your waist or let it hang lower on your hips.
Clit chain matches the nipple dangles (pictured) and can be removed from the Nipplace.
Nipple chains and clit attachment can be removed and you can simply wear this as a necklace. Fanny Fancy can detach from the navel clit chain from the navel area.

This is a custom made item. You will need to give me exact measurement. I will add a little for wiggle room.
Nipple rings are for display only.
Pierced Nipplaces® are made with my special claws which attach to your existing nipple jewelry.
Non piercing Nipplaces® come with my special loopies for unpierced nipples.
See our "
How To" page for more information about the loopie for un-pierced  nipples.
Non Piercing silver metal rings come with the non piercing clit or labia chain attachment, if ordered.

(1) Neck: inches
(2) Neck - mid-breast: inches
(3) Nipple - nipple: inches

Clit Chain: (for pierced or un-pierced clit):

(4) Top of breastbone - Clit:
(5) Breastbone to navel:
(6) Navel to clit:

Fanny Fancy:
(7) Waist size:
Sizing 1) Measure neck as you would for a 13 inch necklace. Put that measurement in the #1 box.
2) Measure from  where the necklace lays on your breast bone to mid point between the nipples. That goes in the #2 box.
3) Measure nipple to nipple and put that into the #3 box.
4) Measure from the breast bone to clit area and put that into the #4 box. Average distance for a clit chain attachment is 22 to 26 inches. Any longer than that please email for prices. I do add a little extra for "wiggle" room.
5) Measure from breast bone to navel and put that into 5.

6) Measure from navel to clit and put that measurement into 6. 
7) Measure your waist and put that number in 7. I will add a little for wiggle room.

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