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Nipplace Nipplace
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 Nipplace®: $279.95
Nipplace® With Clit Chain: $329.95 
(includes matching pierced earrings)
TZNL 0335: Solid brass silvertone connecting flowers with attached brass slave bells. Because this item is solid brass there will be some "patina" to the Nipplace®. Due to its weight, this is not recommended for unpierced nipples, unless you have "prominent" nipples (you know who you are).
Nipple chain can be removed and you can wear this simply as a necklace.  Necklace measures 13 inches with 3 inch extension chain. Total 16 inches.
Clit chain comes with 1 dangle which matches the nipple dangle.

The double dangle clit attachment for pierced bodies can be purchased separately. I will attach the double clit dangle to Temptation, if ordered.
Nipple rings are for display only.
Pierced Nipplaces® are made with my special dark metal claws which attach to your existing nipple jewelry.
Non piercing Nipplaces® come with my special loopies for unpierced nipples.
See our "How To" page for more information about the loopie for non pierced nipples.
Non Piercing silver metal rings come with the non piercing clit or labia chain attachment, if ordered.

Temptation Nipplace®
Nipplace®: $279.95

(includes matching pierced earrings)


(1) Neck: inches
(2) Neck - mid-breast: inches
(3) Nipple - nipple:

Nipplace® With Clit Chain:   $329.95
(for pierced or un-pierced clit)
(4 - Optional) Top of breastbone - Clit:
Nipplace 1) Measure neck as you would for a choker necklace. Put that measurement in the #1 box.
2) Measure from the top of the choker necklace to mid point between the nipples. That goes in the #2 box.
3) Measure nipple to nipple and put that into the #3 box.
4) If ordering with a clit chain measure from the top of the neck to clit area and put that into the #4 box.

Average distance for a clit chain attachment is 22 to 26 inches. Any longer than that please email for prices. I do add a little extra for "wiggle" room.


Nipplace Your Temptation Nipplace® INCLUDES these matching earrings OR you may purchase these separately.

Temptation earrings: $29.95

Nipplace Matching Temptation Labia Chain

Labia Chain: $79.95

For pierced bodies only.

(This piece is too heavy for non-piercing rings.)

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