nipple jewelry

Shipping Information

Delivery time is normally 4 to 5 business days after shipment.

Typically your order is shipped the following business day after you make your purchase but......

Custom and special orders can take longer. You will get an email letting you know when your item was shipped. This email will be from

You can contact us via email: Any questions please feel free to email me at that address.
Or call: 409 632 0198.

So please, when you check out make sure you have selected the appropriate shipping method

All orders are shipped in a discreet plain package with the return label which reads:

(which stands for


UPS delivery is also offered but customer pays shipping costs.


INTERNATIONAL ORDERS! $10.00 Shipping Fee!

International shipping usually takes 10 to 15 business days for delivery depending on your countries customs process. (After items are shipped.) Buyer is responsible for your country's custom fees. Please don't ask us to ship as a gift as this is illegal and against federal law. Your item will be marked for the exact amount less shipping cost.

We no longer ship to Mexico.

nipple jewelry

Orders to destinations OTHER than the Mainland U.S. Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico will be charged the appropriate U.S.Postal Service rates.  We're sorry, but this is necessary due to the higher costsof sending to these destinations.  We try to keep our prices low enough so that everyone can enjoy our products, and we hope our international customers will understand.

"Yea,"you say...  "You pay for it somehow anyway".  While this maybe true to an extent, we HATE it when we see companies charging all that money for shipping.  We know it doesn't cost that much to mail things, and we don't need to be making money on "Shipping And Handling"charges.  We want to keep our products affordable to our customers. We want you to judge us on the quality of our products and on our service, not leave you with the feeling that you've been gouged on shipping. 

We want you to keep coming back!

Most orders are shipped the next day after we receive them, but unfortunately, due to high demand custom made to order items may not ship for up to 3 weeks.  (During high demand periods, Christmas and Valentines Day, for instance.) Please plan your purchase accordingly.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as we really do strive to keep our customers happy, andreturning!  We welcome any criticism, complaints, other bitches, or even positive comments you may have for us... We're trying... 


                     Happy Shopping!

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